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cue faster. cue beautifully. cue more accurately. transliterate like a pro. feel confident during testing. understand when people cue to me. switch to a more rewarding career.

Our Products are Skills & Knowledge

Our students come from different backgrounds, serve in many different roles, and come to us at different levels. Our caring, expert instructors are invested in your success.

Build Accuracy + Speed

Tools to measure your current cueing rate and activities to increase your speed incrementally.

Cueing Lessons & Practice

Easy-to-understand clarification on the How and Why of tricky topics with guided practice to help you master them.

Learn to Cue Read

Build confidence in your receptive skills as you systematically build from single words to natural conversations.

Make a Difference

Promote equal access for individuals who are deaf and hard-of hearing by facilitating communication skillfully & ethically.

Train for your New Career

as a Cued Language Transliterator (CLT)

Are you looking for a rewarding, flexible, service career with the ability to work from home? Learn to facilitate communication between deaf and hearing people as a Cued Language Transliterator. Have you dreamt about becoming a CLT but aren't sure how to start? You shouldn't have to go it alone. Let Language Matters Academy teach you in clear, attainable steps. You'll move through guided courses with support from the best CLTs in the field. If you're looking to Find your Meaning™, let us help.

Need CEHs? We've got you covered.

Propel your transliteration practice to the next level with this independent study course just for CLTs. Take a deep dive into an area that both sparks interest and matters to you. Choose from three options to earn 3, 5, or 10 CEHs. Deferred payment options are available.

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